Easy to remember passwords are great, hackers love them!

How many passwords do you have? Or would a more relevant question be how many accounts does your password control?

We now need passwords for so many things. From accessing your social networking platform and bank account to authorizing your iTunes and setting up profiles for online shopping.

Then of course there are the passcodes and PIN numbers for cash and credit cards, alarm codes and to remotely access messages on telephone answering machines. So it’s tempting to keep it simple and use one password and one PIN.

Keeping it simple makes it so much easier for those who gain access to that password or PIN. They can steal from multiple accounts.

Think about it? Do you have a password that you use for multiple purposes? Do you have a PIN code you use on all your credit cards? If you do, CHANGE THEM NOW.

Do's & Don'ts

DO – Change your Password frequently at least every 90 days

DO – Disable stored passwords & clear those already stored on your computer

DON’T – Reuse passwords

DON’T – Use the same password or PIN for multiple accounts

DON’T – Click yes when a site offers to ‘Remember your Password.’ If you do, all your passwords are stored in one place on your device which provides ease of access for Hackers.


If you have a safe, or a safe place at home write them down and keep safe.