H2BSafer Online Welcomes Instagram Changes Just in time for school

On September 1, 2015, Instagram announced improvements to their Instagram Direct feature that now allows users to leave a group conversation. Previously, users added to a conversation were locked in, and whilst they could mute messages, they could not leave it altogether. This could have been especially traumatic if a child was the subject of abuse in a conversation and meant a group conversation could be an unescapable online bully circle. Monday’s improvements are a great step in the right direction for Instagram, owned by Facebook, and will help to reduce the risk and abuse that your child could face on Instagram.

Also, if someone your child doesn’t know/follow sends them a message, it’ll appear as a request in their inbox. To decline or allow the message, they can tap the message then select Decline or Allow at the bottom of the screen. When they allow a message request from someone, their future messages will go directly to the child’s inbox.

Your child can can report abusive messages that are sent to them with Instagram Direct by tapping and holding the message, then selecting Report. Also, if they want to stop someone from sending them abusive or threatening messages on Instagram Direct, they can block that person or report their profile.

How does your child leave a group conversation in Instagram Direct?

When they leave a group conversation, they won’t get messages from the group unless someone adds them back to the conversation. To leave a group message in Instagram Direct:

  1. In the top right of Feed tap:
  2. Tap the group conversation you’d like to leave
  3. In the top right tap:
  4. Tap Leave Conversation, then tap to confirm

Bear in mind that your child may need to manually update their Instagram app to ensure the updates are installed.

Written by the H2BSafer team.

H2BSafer online is part of the Ineqe Group of companies, whose CEO Jim Gamble is the former and founding CEO of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.